Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Prius Outdoes Hummer in Environmental Damage


Admittedly this is an opinion piece written by sombody at a college newspaper, but I'd assume somebody checked his facts. The text of the article is at the link above, and provides ammunition for my "Hybrid Hype-othesis", which is that Hybrid cars aren't any better than conventional ones... Toyota's publicity machine would have you believe that hybrid cars are making the world cleaner and greener by emitting only rainbows from their tailpipes. As if. Mainstream media here in the US needs to stop drinking Toyota's corporate cool-aid and WAKE UP to the fact that Toyota builds fossil-fuel buring vehicles (including full-size, 8-cylinder powered trucks, SUVs, and large sedans) just like other automakers from all over the globe. Enjoy the article!

I can't take it any more!

This blog will come as no surprise to those of you who know me. I've been infuriated by drivers of dumpy, dented tan Toyotas one too many times. This blog is going to be the outlet for my frustrations.

Yes, I exist in a higher level of automotive being. Your Totyotas are transportation appliances to you, just another refrigerator or washing machine, enabling you to go about your drearly daily tasks with as little joy as possible. You don't care if they are dirty, dented, smoking, or even if you do a poor job driving them. But I care that you're getting in my way, and clogging up the roads I need to drive on.

Whether in my Volvo or one of my Saabs, my car is better than your Toyota in every way. My car has personality. My car is fun to drive. My car is responsive. And my car is driven by somebody who PAYS ATTENTION both to driving and to my car's appearance.

While it would be physically impossible for me to detail or photograph every idiotic Toyota and driver, I will do my best to vent my frustration right here in this forum. To my comrades who are fellow Auto Snobs, come back to read the Auto Snob to build solidarity with me in my quest for empassioned driving. And those of you who are appliance operators... you too may read, to see your sins detailed for the world.