Thursday, 10 May 2007

The Right Lane

What do the words "Keep Right Except to Pass" mean to you? Evidently nothing, because you are incapable of following the simple instruction. You merge onto the freeway and immediately move to the second lane. Are you thinking "Oh, the right lane isn't for people like me. it's for trucks and motor homes." Or perhaps "In the center lane, I'm not in anybody's way, whether they're merging or passing, I'm just fine."

Whatever. You're in the way. I will pass you on the right, because the people in the left lane are indignantly driving along, thinking "I'm doing the speed limit here, and I'm not approaching my exit, so the left lane is the correct one."

In my R, I think of the Right lane as the R lane. Nobody else will use the Right lane, so I use it as my own personal express lane.

What ires me the most is when I come up on soembody in the left lane, and they don't or won't move over. Whether they see me in their mirror, or whether they think the mirror is not a useful driving tool so it's pointing straight at their girlfriend's tits, I'm not sure. But you, in the Tercel, need to go back to Driver's Ed. And take the 4Runner lady with you.