Sunday, 9 March 2008

Camry achieves first NASCAR win

In racing news today, Toyota has claimed the first victory by a foreign nameplate in NASCAR since a Jaguar won in Linden, NJ in 1951. Kyle Busch was first at the Sprint Cup race at Atlanta Motor Speedway, and team-mate Tony Stewart finished second. Although this was a "stock-car" race, this wasn't won by a stock Camry, however. This was a rear wheel drive V8. It did, however, have the blinker on for the entire 500 miles. The right-side blinker.
PS, look for the link coming up to Tony Stewart's rant about Goodyear Tires. Stewart said that Goodyear should be embarrased and should "pull out of NASCAR, just like they pulled out of IRL, F1 and CART...f that is they best tire they can put forward for this level of racing."
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