Tuesday, 9 February 2010

I'm not making this up

Seriously, people. This is proof that people who buy and drive Corollas aren't good drivers.

Today Automotive News reports the following:

Toyota Motor Corp. faces yet another possible federal investigation, this time of the electric power steering in 2009 and 2010 Corollas.The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is considering a formal investigation of alleged defects reported in the compact car, agency spokeswoman Karen Aldana said.

Automotive News found that the Corolla has been the subject of 83 power-steering complaints since April 2008, 76 of which have reported that the vehicle unexpectedly veers to the left or right at 40 miles an hour and up.

Complainants have compared the movement to being buffeted by strong winds, sliding on black ice, or hydroplaning. They said that after trying to straighten the car, it can overcorrect -- requiring the driver to use a tight, persistent, two-handed grip on the wheel to travel in a straight line.

Really? They have to hold the steering wheel to make the car drive straight? No shit?

I think the Toyota drivers deserve what they get. When you veer off the road and crash, one less idiotic driver on the road for me to contend with.

Also today, Toyota has announced it is recalling all 2010 Prius models, to install new software to make the brakes work.

After all of these recalls and investigations, will anybody buy Toyota's blandmobiles anymore?


Anonymous said...

Think how light the traffic will be when they are all off the road! No one will be parking in the fast lane.
XC 70 owner

Rocket-Rocket said...
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Anonymous said...

WOW... I love this blog. I have been fearing the tan camry for several years now. I live and work in Boston MA and North Hampton NH.

Other cars to fear:

1. Toyota Camry (tan/forest green/burgundy. -- This includes older lexus ES 250/300
"HORRIBLENESS" level : 11/10
Avg danger level : 10/10
Avg driver skill :.0001/10

Notes: avg camry driver consumes white bread sandwiches. One slice of wonderbread, between two other slices of wonderbread, with a stale pickle somewhere in there. AND THEY LIKE IT.

2. Toyota Corolla (tan/light blue)

Avg danger level : 9.996/10
Avg driver skill :.0003/10

NOTES: Average corolla buyer suffers from msg poisoning from all of the cheap 2.99 chinese buffets they adore.

3. Toyota Avalon (all)

Avg danger level : 9.95/10
Avg driver skill :.0011/10

NOTES: words cannot describe>>>> the fear I have instilled in me from these unstable, lane floating, bland as water boiling,......

4. Nissan Altima/older Infinity G35
(includes old trashy MAXIMAS)
Avg danger level : 19.9/10
Avg driver skill :.0002/10

NOTES: These jerks are the the ones that are 20 mph faster than everyone else who is going 80 already and they zoom in and out between cars w/o signals... Most are or soon will be dead... hopefully

5. Ghettofied civics/accords. Those which are so low, and the drivers sit in reclined positions as they think they are doing something kick-ass by making 0 to 60 in 15 seconds. BAD ASS!!

AVG danger level : 11.9/10
AVG driver skill : -9/10


6. Anything from the country of KOREA...........ANYTHING*

AVG danger level : undetermined
avg driver skill : sad, very sad


7. LARGER TAN SUV's. Suburbans in TAN especially. These # ton SUVs automatically makes 110 pound blonde trophy wives dive at insane speeds while texting and talking on cell phones.

Avg danger level : call to find out
avg driver skill : depends if they can see beyond the dashboard

NOTES: Special drivers exam should be required for these little women with big bux and big attitudes, and little soccer kids... floating these land boats down the skinny New England back roads at 80 MPH.

8. Mitsubishi GALANT (MAROON)

"Horribleness" level : 11/10
AVG danger level : 10/10
Avg danger level : 10.5/10 (usually tailgaiters/aggressive)
Avg driver skill : .5/10

NOTES: usually missing exhaust systems

9. Honda ELEMENT ever see these things try to park on a city street??? OMFG


NOTES: If I ever have to ride in one, I know they have rubber floors, which are handy for rinsing off the puke I just might spew.





so how many of these sudden acceleration probles are actually mechanical, and how many are actually human/typical toyota driver error???

I mean ...COME ON! I an sure a huge percentage of them have probably accidentally tapped the accel button on the cruise control and scared themselves because they were not aware what it does or that they even had a button there???

BASED on typical driver awarness studies from.... ME, the average toyota driver:

1. Does not know how to activate cruise control

2. Probably does leave the floor mat over the gas pedal

.............Well... fun ranting and raving on this snowy New England afternoon. So glad im not out there sharing the highways today with those TAN CAMRYS IN THE SNOW...


BTW (FAMILY CARS 2008 BMW x3 / 2010 VW CC VR6 4 motion / 2009 AUDI TTS........ Real driver cars/suv>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Sal said...

i would just like to ask what is your source and how many percent of this stuff you are saying is true? and can you back it up with facts instead of personal oppinion.